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WP Robot is an autoblogging and content curation plugin that allows you to create high-quality WordPress blog posts automatically. By drip-feeding quality content related to any niche WP Robot makes sure your sites stay fresh and updated. Even while you are asleep.

Thanks to unmatched functionality, great support and regular updates since its release in 2009 WP Robot has rightfully earned the title of best autoblogging plugin for WordPress. Today the software is used on over 1 million WordPress sites and still receives regular updates.

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Latest 2023 Updates: New OpenAI Module – use the full power of ChatGPT on your WordPress sites!

How WP Robot Can Help You

BUILD entirely new WordPress autoblogs for PBNs or as satellite sites.

ENHANCE existing WordPress sites with related images, videos and other useful content.

MONETIZE your WordPress sites by publishing targeted affiliate marketing products.

CURATE engaging content that is good for SEO and of interest to your readers.

IMPORT your own PLR articles, enrich them with related photos and schedule them.

AGGREGATE and display industry-specific RSS feeds relevant to your websites content.

Autopost All The Things

WP Robot supports more than 30 great content sources. All are fully automatic and can be mixed in any way to create diverse and engaging content on autopilot. Our most popular modules:

Amazon autoblogging plugin for WordPressArticle autoblogging plugin for WordPresseBay autoblogging plugin for WordPressYoutube autoblogging plugin for WordPressVimeo autoblogging plugin for WordPressFlickr autoblogging plugin for WordPressPixabay autoblogging plugin for WordPressRSS autoblogging plugin for WordPressCommission Junction autoblogging plugin for WordPressOodle autoblogging plugin for WordPressShopzilla autoblogging plugin for WordPressLinkshare autoblogging plugin for WordPressZanox autoblogging plugin for WordPressEventful autoblogging plugin for WordPressIndeed autoblogging plugin for WordPressiTunes autoblogging plugin for WordPressYelp autoblogging plugin for WordPressShareASale autoblogging plugin for WordPressEtsy autoblogging plugin for WordPressAvantlink autoblogging plugin for WordPressProsperent autoblogging plugin for WordPressSkimlinks autoblogging plugin for WordPressPLR autoblogging plugin for WordPressArticle Builder autoblogging plugin for WordPressBig Content Search autoblogging plugin for WordPressTranslation autoblogging plugin for WordPressBestBuy autoblogging plugin for WordPressAliExpress autoblogging plugin for WordPress

Go here to find more details and see the complete list of autoblogging sources in WP Robot.

A Long List Of Features

Scroll through our full list of features if you dare! Here are some of the most important facts:

WP Robot works with all WordPress themes. We create the content for you, the theme defines how it looks on your blog.

Find automatic content for any niche or keyword of your choice. There is no limit to your creativity!

Lots of use cases: No matter if you want to create a WordPress autoblog, post curated content or enhance your blog with targetted images and ads, WP Robot has you covered!

Drip feed new content to your blog in custom intervals or bulk add lots of new articles with a single click. Or do both!

Powerful templates, automatic translation and integration with spinning software make it possible to create automatic unique content!

Thanks to our international support you can use WP Robot for autoblogging in German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and many other languages!

WP Robot is constantly updated and we make sure it always works with the latest version of WordPress. Since its first release there have been over 80 major updates.

The Perfect Team


WP Robot was built to work together perfectly with CMS Commander, our product to manage multiple WordPress blogs. WP Robot creates the content for any number of blogs. CMS Commander helps you control, manage, backup and update all these blogs.

WP Robot is a plugin for autoblogging to self-hosted blogs. CMS Commander is also what we recommend if you want to do autoblogging on blogs.

Great WordPress Autoblogging

You might think repeatedly calling WP Robot the best autoblogging plugin is a bold claim – but we did not make that up. Our customers told us so!

I have used WP Robot since its inception and on about 15 different blogs. The ease of use, customer service and time-saving features are exceptional. Believe me, I try them all, but WP Robot is still my favorite plugin for auto content.
Tom Sunde

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