WP Robot Nulled Download Warning

In short: Do not trust any free downloads of WP Robot from 3rd parties. They may harm your site!

As one of the most popular WordPress plugins and the best solution for autoblogging to WordPress sites WP Robot has also been a regular target for product piracy. You can find lots of nulled or cracked versions of WP Robot when searching the web which promise you a free download of the plugin.

This page is meant to give you a word of warning however and consider carefully before downloading or using a nulled copy of WP Robot.

When testing them I have found that many of those nulled WP Robot downloads contain malware or adware of several kinds.

That means when installing a cracked WP Robot copy your site might be in danger of getting compromised:

  • The less dangerous nulled scripts contain adware that inject advertising links into your sites footer or content. Since those links often lead to questionable content you might get banned by Google as a result.
  • The more serious offenders contain malware that can completely take over or delete your site. For example by creating a new admin user the hacker has access to.

A Legal Copy Of WP Robot Can Only Be Bought On This Site!

Please note that a legal copy can only be purchased from me directly on wprobot.net and not from any other sources or 3rd parties. Even if you are sure you found a nulled copy of WP Robot that is clean please consider these additional advantages of ordering a legal copy of WP Robot through this site:

  • You support the developer (that would be me) and help fund further development of the plugin.
  • You get regular updates. I have kept WP Robot up to date since its initial release in 2009.
  • You receive support if you should need any help.

Do you just want to give WP Robot a try before ordering? In this case please strongly consider signing up for our trial version and download WP Robot free instead of choosing a nulled WP Robot copy that could potentially harm your site.

This post is not meant to stop you from downloading a pirated copy of WP Robot if you are inclined to do so, just to educate unaware users of the risks in doing so. In any case thank you for reading and for your consideration.




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