Affiliate Program

With the WP Robot affiliate program you can be a part of WP Robot’s success. You will earn a 25% commission* on any sale you refer!

Already over 250,000$ of commissions paid out since WP Robot was launched. Join now!

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After signing up you get access to your affiliate panel where you can find your affiliate links and track your earnings. You can place links (so called hop links) either to the WP Robot main site or specific module pages (i.e. to the Amazon Module). Whenever someone buys WP Robot (no matter what combination of modules he buys) after following one of your links you get a 25% commission on the sale!

Your commissions will be paid on the 15th of the following month, i.e. commissions for June will be paid on the 15th of July.

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WP Robot Affiliate Program ToS

  • Minimum payout: The minimum payout is $50. If you earn less in a month your commission carries over into the next month.
  • Referring Yourself: Using the affiliate program to buy a copy of WP Robot for yourself is not allowed and no commission will be paid for doing it.
  • Illegal sites: It is not allowed to promote WP Robot on sites with illegal content. Promotion on warez, porn and gambling sites is forbidden as well.
  • Spam: Any spam method to promote WP Robot is strictly forbidden. This include e-mail spam, comment spam, irc spam, and all other forms of spammy or unethical marketing activities.
  • Payment: If you break the affiliate programs terms of service your affiliate commissions will not be paid. If we suspect illegal activities you commissions may be withheld until a manual review is finished.
  • Termination: If you break the affiliate programs terms of service your affiliate account can be terminated at any time without notice.

* Please note: for the Developer Version 15% commission is paid.

CMS Commander Affiliate Program

We are running a separate affiliate program for our WordPress bulk website management service CMS Commander. Since CMS Commander also supports management of our WP Robot plugin it is a great idea to advertise both products together in order to increase your affiliate earnings!

With the CMS Commander affiliate program you can earn an awesome 30% lifetime commission for every new subscriber you refer. Go here to find all details and sign up for the CMS Commander affiliate program.

Banner Images

You can use the following banner images to promote WP Robot on your blog or website:







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