Test Drive WP Robot

We want to enable you to get a clear picture of what WP Robot can offer you and how powerful it is. That’s why we set up two options for you to test our autoblogging plugin before ordering:

1. Test Our Full Version Online

We have set up a demo site for you where you can test the full version of WP Robot with all its features. You will get your own private testing environment where you can play with all our autoblogging plugin has to offer!

No registration is required. Simply head to our demo blog to get started with WP Robot now.

Visit Demo Site

2. Download Our Free Version

If you prefer testing WP Robot on your own blog then our free version is right for you. You can download it and use it on all your blogs. Note that its functionality is limited: It only offers 7 instead of 23 content sources, supports no automatic translations and lacks a few other features.

Besides the lower number of features there are no usage restrictions and so our demo version is essentially a free WordPress autoblogging plugin. If you want you can use it forever or upgrade to the full version at any time later.

The free version of WP Robot includes the following content sources:

Clickbank autoblogging plugin for WordPressShopzilla autoblogging plugin for WordPressPRweb Press Release autoblogging plugin for WordPressPLR autoblogging plugin for WordPressArticle Builder autoblogging plugin for WordPressBig Content Search autoblogging plugin for WordPressKontent Machine autoblogging plugin for WordPress

Our full version offers many additional content sources and allows you to autopost Amazon products, full articles and RSS, Youtube videos and much more!

Download our free autoblogging plugin now

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Or order the full plugin now to get access to all great features:

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