Autoblogging Tips and Tutorials

On this blog I will share my knowledge about autoblogging and try to give you a few valuable tips in order to become successful. I will also try to explain a few of the less known features of WP Robot in order to help you utilize the plugin to the fullest.

Don’t use .info Domains for Autoblogs!

With .info domains being available for barely more than a dollar it is tempting to use them for your autoblogs, especially if you are planning to set up many of them. Still, I would always recomment you to go with .com or .net domains, even when autoblogging, because the few more bucks you have to spend will usually always pay back in the long run. Two good reasons:

  • Higher resale value: If you ever plan to sell one of the blogs you build having it on a .com domain will usually get you much more interest than a .info domain. And the difference you will earn from the sale will surely be higher than the $5 the .com domain was costing over the .info!
  • Easier expanding: Say you autoblog becomes so successful you decide at some point to convert it into a “regular” website. If the blog is sitting on a .info domain now you are more or less stuck with it with all the disadvantages that go with it, like less type-in or direct traffic.

Many people also argue that Google is automatically devalueing .info sites because they are often used by spammers but I would not give too much on that argument as it makes no sense for Google to rank sites for their domain extension (i.e. over their content). Still, don`t make the mistake and try to safe money in the wrong place.


  1. hello,

    I am uning all .US extention domains for my auto blog websites. Do you think they are good ? Or do they have any Draw back ?

    looking for your reply thanks

    Comment by Online4Cash — December 17, 2009 @ 11:41 pm

  2. Coutry extensions like .us should be fine. If anything free domain extensions and .infos are problematic because they are cheap and thus often used by spammers but in the end it is all speculation anyways. I only have made bad experiences with .infos though.

    Comment by admin — December 19, 2009 @ 5:12 pm

  3. thanks admin.
    I havd set up 50 autoblogs, for low price I used and FREE domain, and , too bad, no traffic ,low index ,and bad rank….
    I had tought many reason of this bad resualt , domain, host, too many post per day, keyword ,no backlink…. but after your tip, I think the trouble is domain. bad domain is the killer.
    I will set new autoblogs with .com , even subdomain with .com is better than ….I think.
    can I buy a .com ,and set 20 subdomain on this main domain ?

    Comment by gzz0656 — March 5, 2010 @ 10:10 pm

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