Update WP Robot

Please use this form to get the latest version of WP Robot. A download link will be sent to your email address! Simply enter your Paypal email (the address you bought WP Robot with!) and press "Send". The download link will contain all modules/products you have bought. The link will only be valid for 12 hours, if your link expired simply request a new one.

IMPORTANT: Depending on current demand it can take some time until your update email arrives but as long as you saw a success message it will. Emails asking when you will get your email will not be answered.

Latest Version: WP Robot 4.15 - 4.00 Update Instructions - 4.12 Details - 4.13 Details
Be sure to read the update details before updating! They might contain important information or instructions!

Please note: For backwards compatibility the default folder of WP Robot 4 is still called "WPRobot3".

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