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The Translation Module for WP Robot is the best Translation autoblogging plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add targeted translations to your WordPress blog on complete autopilot to ensure your blog stays fresh and updated at any time. Automatic posts created by the module include a full translation to 30+ languages for any text.

International Autoblogging: Besides English the Translation module can create automatic content in the following languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Taiwanese, Russian and many more. Learn more.

Flexible and Customizable: WP Robot’s powerful template system allows you to make your autoposts like like you want. Including your own text, branding, ads or affiliate links is super easy as well!

Content For Any Keywords: Translation contains a wide range of content related to almost any topic. In WP Robot you can autopost translations for an unlimited number of keywords!

Post Translation translations To WordPress

The translation module is different from the rest: It does not add new content to your blog, but instead can translate any content created by other modules into many languages. By using its powerful multi-translation feature it can also be used to rewrite posts and create unique content instantly!

  • Works together with all other content modules and can translate their content!
  • Can translate posts into all languages supported by Google Translate!
  • By translating multiple times (i.e. from English to German to English) it can also create instant unique content!
  • Randomization setting to only translate a certain percentage of posts.
  • Proxy Support: Use proxies to hide your requests to Google.

2019 Update

Since one of the latest updates to WP Robot translation results are powered by Yandex Translate (free API account required) or alternatively by the new DeepL translation API integration.

DeepL is a relatively new service that is by many considered the most powerful translation service on the market. Thanks to modern machine-lerning techniques it provides human-like translation results in 10 different languages. With the new integration in WP Robot you can use that power to automatically translate your autoposted content into different languages.

Furthermore DeepL can be used for rewriting content in WP Robot by chain translating from English to a different language and then back to English automatically. Its high quality results make DeepL perfect for that task as well.

Please note that usage of DeepL requires that you have an active DeepL API subscription, which is not included with WP Robot.

New Version 5 – Updated For 2016

With our huge update to WP Robot 5 that was released in August 2016 the Translation module is now better than ever for autoposting translations to your WordPress sites. The new update to version 5 comes with an entirely new interface that is much easier to use as well as better content curation features. We also made sure that Translation autoblogging always works with the latest version of WordPress and any WP theme of your choosing.

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The Translation Module as well as over 20 other autoblogging plugins are all part of WP Robot! Get the full version of WP Robot 5 now and start supercharging your blog’s content with the best autoblogging plugin available for WordPress.

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