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Plugin is amazing. I just set it and forget it. I only use it to pull video reviews and articles for my site. I am not using all the other features. I am just using 2 features and it is incredible the content it pulls. I go and tweak the articles with a cool plugin i have and have a beautiful post. Hands down the best tool on the market.


Mike Mike Gual
I have found WP Robot to be an absolute huge benefit in my blogs!
the level off detailed control is incredible!
From templates where I can control the module template with several tagging options and the post template presets where I can mix up the other templates together or add any specific code,or I may want to make several custom presets working off the base module template... the potential is incredible.

wp robot also has built in integration for my spinner account..very cool
wp robot also has translation capabilities where I can set a percentage and translate up to 4 different times from different languages (eg:german-french-spanish-english) to create truly unique content.
wp robot can even be added into the post itself to fill in a partial post, again creating unique content
I can add custom fields to the campaign
and randomize the post times to make it appear more natural
I can choose which author profile does which campaign
the list goes on and on
I love this program
whether you are looking to have an autoblog or just want something to help with some content filling or sales pages
this program is the last stop in your search!

and the support ..did I mention the support
forums and direct email with a timely response to help me understand some of the features ..awesome benefit

Richard Parkes
WP Robot is the best autoblogging software I have used. I wouldn't use anything else. It has served me well on numerous websites.

What I also like about it is the software keeps on getting updated with new features as well which certainly helps me with more features and ways of making money from my blogs.

Keep up the great work! Binh Tang
I enjoyed using WP Robot. It has save a lot of my time helping me populate my blogs from various affiliate programs.

Now it is even better with the integration of best spinner.

Most importantly, the creator gives very good support for this software and I'm very happy with the proactive services.

There is update now and then and I believe this plugin will only get even better and more powerful.

I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone who does affiliate marketing and blogs. Ernest Lim
When I first heard about WP Robot I was a little skeptical. I thought-hmm... how good could an auto blog software really be and how auto is it really? Well, After I installed WP Robot and did some configuration (took me less than 10 minutes), I did some test runs and I could not believe the content that I was getting. I then created several campaings and within several days I have created over 200 pages for my site and over 140 blog posts! Not only that, but I am ranking on the second and often first page in googel for my keywords! This software is absolutely amazing, after experiencing what it can do firsthand, I'm no longer a skeptic and wonder how I could manage all my sites without this amazing software. Thanks WP Robot, You Rock!! jason hill
As a multi business owner, it is very difficult for me to generate well written content in a short period. If I owned one blog and one website, and not 10 sites and 100 blogs possibly. WP Robot is a complete LIFE SAVER for my business! It is no different to me than using a class-act outsourcing company.
I also love the affiliate commissions I get doing nothing other than entering my affiliate ID's! James P Boulay
I have had quite a positive experience with WP Robot. I love the built in automation associated with the program. I never have to worry about relevant content for my websites. I also appreciate the way the software provides easy configuration for those of us who otherwise would need help appying it. Keep up the good work Randolph Graham
For the 1 week that I've had WP Robot I just have to say that it was very well invested money. It's everything I expected when I bought it. I reccomend buying the Elite core with all of the modules so you can have the complete package for all of your websites. ThanX Jose Morales
I love WP Robot. It has enabled us to monetize our blog and make extra money that we were not making before. We grow and sell live crickets and worms and now we sell products from Ebay and Amazon using WP Robot on our blog posts. It is a great way to make money with your blog that does not intrude upon your content and actually helps create new content for you site in between blog posts. I love it! Anthony Chiarella
We are so happy to have such an amazing tool to work with, the robot has boosted our blogs up to the next level. We work within several different niches, and we now have a leg up on the competition...Keep up the good work and contact us immediately when you come up with your next software package! Melford and Concetta Bibens
WP Robot is the plugin that has brought my business from one level to the next. I have tried most of the other autoblogging plugins, and none of them have the support that WP Robot provides. And most importantly, none of them have the outright capability to help you make money like WP Robot has. If you haven't bought it yet, GET IT! Michael Thomas
I thought about getting WP Robot for quite a while before I decided to get it. Buying this Wordpress plugin(s) was one of my sound investments.

Not only are the existing features excellent but there is a continuing development programme in place and new updates with additional features are sent out at regular intervals.

The whole system is so flexible that you will be able to use it in a hundred and one different ways.

Even if you are a relative beginner you will not have any problems setting the system up.

It's very easy to use and there are plenty of instructional videos to watch.

The beauty of the whole system is that it is all based around Wordpress which is so easy to use and set-up, coupled with the fact that making wordpress super SEO friendly is a piece of cake so getting traffic to your site which the addition of WP Robot is a dream come true.

There is even a forum where you can ask questions and make requests for new features.

It's very user friendly so if you are in the market to make some great looking websites with excellent content with the option of monetizing them with ease then you can't go far wrong the combining WP Robot with Wordpress.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Ken Biddle

Ken Biddle
I've been fortunate enough to stumble across this product - and have loved it from day one - we just recently instituted it on our Home Site - and it gives us the opportunity to "pepper" our site with "fresh" content - while not tying us down to get it. It is amazing - and the time it saves is incredible ! SCMG Enterprises, LLC.
WP Robot has proven itself to be an invaluable asset for my company. It allows me to pull in content from a range of reputable sources ensuring that I can create niche sites in next no time at all. Along with being a very useful timesaver WP Robot is extremely easy to use and ideal for those looking to create bulk sites.
I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to successfully expand their website portfolio; it is definitely a worthwhile purchase!
Thanks for a great product! Julian Allen
I have a network wordpress install and finding unique content for my various blogs by myself is a pain and very time consuming.

WP Robot gives me the ability to add content from various providers based on the keywords I search on with minimal configuration.

To keep the blogs fresh, I do have to spend some time weeding out bad links and non-related material, but nowhere near the time it would take to generate the content myself.

WP Robot is well worth the cost since it saves me in time.
Doug Foote
I have used a number of auto-blogging WP plugins. WP Robot is the most encompassing and stable one I have reviewed to date. If you are an affiliate marketer selling electronics, you know the price changes on the products often. Just having WP Robot keep all my web prices current is worth the price for the package.

Another great feature is the integration with the "Best Spinner". When you download an article, you can have BS re-work the content and make it more unique. This action goes along ways to improving your site SEO.

Another unique feature, and HUGE time saver, is the ability of WP Robot to insert Flicker images into your posts, giving them a more complete, and finished appeal.

If you are serious about auto-blogging, you have to get serious about WP Robot. You will make your investment back within a day. Joseph Conroy
I have used WP Robot for approx 1 year (and just purchased Control Center!), and LOVE IT!! Finally, something that works and has complete support. I highly recommend this product for all of your blogs. Can't wait to try the Control Center! George Kosch
I have tried various WP plugins which help with the task of keeping your blog updated with fresh content and to date WP Robot is the best for this. I have based this on the fact its easy to install amd use, stable and you get good support from the forum. It is updated regularly too. Well done to its creator Craig Taylor
My only regret about WP Robot is that I didn't buy it as soon as I saw it. It's easy to use, very well supported, and works great. I would highly recommend it to anyone running more than one blog. It's great to add unique content too, but WP Robot does the bulk of my content generation for me! Of course you can use the spinners WP Robot supports too. Jeffrey Norris
I have used WP Robot since its inception and on about 15 different blogs. The ease of use, customer service and time-saving features are exceptional. Believe me, I try them all, but WP Robot is still my favorite plugin for auto content. Tom Sunde
WP Robot was a hassle free purchase, unlike other companies where you have to wait days until to get the software you get it instantly. I found WP Robot easy to install and set up and it is going to prove to be a great time saver for myself. Overall so far, my impression of WP Robot, is that it is a great way to add content to your site and to keep it updated and fresh.Desmond Langton
Creating content has always been one of those tasks that got in the way of me being productive. Since I have been using WP Robot on my sites, I have found a heap of time to do other marketing activities.
Money well spent. Paula Sussenguth
I have been using WPRobot to quickly create & populate my product pages. 3D Shutter Glasses now ranks for several very competitive search phrases WP Robot certainly gets the thumbs up from me 🙂 simon cave
I love the flexibility and usefulness of WP Robot. I use it on all my blogs and it helps me monetize the 160 domains that are just sitting there. It's amazing how it pulls in content and the spinning content feature is key. John Bishop
WP Robot pulls great content for my website. I have a list of about 10 keywords and about 90% of the information it pulls is great. Also since it has the ability to mix content it has helped get my website to the first page of google within the first few weeks of launch. Using WP Robot with my amazon, shopzilla, cj, etc. accounts is very easy and makes making money pages a snap.

Highly recommend this plugin for autobloggers. Paul Woitovich
I love the speed with which I can set up any number of WordPress blogs and essentially run them on autopilot.

The variety of templates and information sources make it a snap to unique-ify each of the blogs and make them actually a good resource to those that visit.

Can't wait to try the Control Center. Michael Saunders
WP Robot is fantastic. I have several auto blogs currently using WP Robot and they each bring in several dollars per month.

I have been able to do so many different projects with WP Robot! I think it's the must have plugin for publisher who use wordpress as their engine. Izo Kevin
I have been using WP Robot as a way to keep the content on my websites updated regularly while i work on building building links to the sites, it is working amazingly and has more then paid for itself 10 times over. Justin Hopley
WP Robot is an easy to use, yet very powerful plug in. It is also super easy to monetize my blogs using WP Robot. Their support staff is second to none, and the forum is another great way to find ideas for making money! William Noel
It saves me a lot of grief and time! You're product beats WordPress Mage, which is $999+ and only worked for a little while. WP Robot is amazing and if you want to run multiple websites, use WP Robot. And the support is amazing!

Great Product! John Moore
I've been using WP Robot now for several months and I must say it's a huge time saver. I no longer have to scour the web for relevant articles to place on my Sporting Goods web site. I also recently subscribed to the WP Robot Control Center which has saved me even more time. The frequent updates keep the software relevant and bugs seem to be fixed quickly. Smoot sailing for me so far. James Novotny
I have only been using WP Robot for a short time but I have already found it to be every useful.

In the site listed above I am using it to auto post Amazon products. The average person should have no problems setting this up, as long as they follow the instructions.

Yes, it can take a little time to setup but the reward can be great. In time savings and in profits.

I have to say now, that I would be lost without it. Even through I have only used a small part of what it can do.

At first I was hesitant at purchasing WP Robot but now I sure glad I did.

My hats off to Thomas, He's made a really fine product and he keeps improve it even more.

I would suggest WP Robot to anybody that's serious about marketing on the Internet. Donald Minor
I have been using WP Robot for about a month now, and I can honestly say that IT WORKS!! No more do I have to worry about fresh content, as WP Robot delivers directly into my Drafts folder, where I then vet and choose those posts relevant to my blog.

My current Alexa rank is: 1,802,670 AND FALLING, and I am receiving REAL visitors every day now.

I am also #1 on Google for several key words, and rising all the time!

WP Robot WORKS, it will pay for itself many times over. If you are SERIOUS about making money online, then buy WP Robot TODAY!!

Simon Burdett. Simon Burdett
I have tried nearly every useful plugin available for Wordpress. Some I have liked for a while but eventually I stopped using them for various reasons. WP Robot is one of the few that I liked from the beginning and that I am still using ... I would suggest that I am still using it because it continues to evolve and improve with every update. I recommend this product to every Amazon affiliate. William Murphy
Love It - Love It - Love It!!!! I just picked up WP Robot a few days ago, and already love it. It's really well thought out... For all that it does, it's amazingly simple to use. There is a lot of bang for the buck here too!!! I looked at other options out there - read the WF, and found not only had the product been around for a long time, but the product has a huge positive following and back end service got good marks to boot... It all added up to one thing for me -'Buy It' - Robert Lindner
WPRobot is absolutely amazing - and I'm not kidding. I'm a web developer and internet entrepreneur, I've been making profitable websites for over 5 years. Automated websites caught my attention a few years - I've explored and tested dozens of softwares and plugins - just to find out their cheaply developed, outdated, or worse... both! WPRobot is none of that. The support they give is astonishingly helpful and quick - you won't find that with many other developers. They're always updating - which is a good thing.

If a website or API changes, they're incredibly quick in their response to fix any incompatibilities - never outdated. Aside from the support and updates, the software itself is a nice piece of work. So far, I've made well over a dozen sites using WPRobot - and everything is going great. They give you tons of options and features - from translation and spinning, to random posting and comments. It's a very powerful software with very reliable support. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in making profitable automatic websites. German Calas
I use WP Robot more for the ability to pull in content from multiple sources and not just to do the affiliate marketing. For me the affiliate marketing is a bonus but as a result, I get lots of traffic to most of my sites where I sell or link to my other products. I'm currently using WP Robot on about 10 of my sites I have another 33 to go. It makes me look like an authority by pulling the relevant content and I just comment when appropriate. Because of that it saves me lots of time. Anthony Nitz
Creating content has always been one of those tasks that got in the way of me being productive. Since I have been using WP Robot on my sites, I have found a heap of time to do other marketing activities.

I have to say that the first version of WP Robot were a bit clunky, but I can now say that WP robot has it licked !

The new campaign creation module is awesome and with the way it fetches content and the way it allows you to categorise it, WP Robot is capable of a brilliantly natural delivery of site content.

I have worked with RRS feed plugins and similar softwares in the past, but WP robot in my view is second to none. You will not beat this auto blogging tool - not anywhere.

And what is most impressive is the software is constantly being developed and update are regularly. This is not a fly by night thing - Thanks for your commitment to such a great tool Wp Robot team!

Happy marketing,

Matty T Matt Thomson
I absolutely love your software. It makes it really easy to keep new content flowing into blogs that I don't have the time (or energy) to maintain over time. I get up-to-date, relevant, and with the translate module: unique content. Even better, it automatically sets up additional affiliate products to complement the commissions that I'm getting from the products that my blogs are *supposed* to promote. Talk about multiple streams of passive income!

Thanks for the great product. Issac G
I love WP Robot! I build about 90% of my niche websites with it. It's a huge time saver in terms of obtaining fresh, new content, and keeps my sites constantly updated and looking active in the eyes of Google. It's also helped increase the income my websites bring in, which is always a good thing. WP Robot is an invaluable tool for anyone who builds niche sites for a living. Piper Anderson
I have been using WP Robot for about 2 weeks and so far, the software is great. It does what I need it to do and makes updating sites painless. I wish I found this software earlier! Acegen, LLC
WP Robot has helped me build a very successful business blog. It's amazing how much it has grown since I first used it and the support is simply first class. I highly recommend it for any type of website built on a wordpress platform. Thomas, thanks for a great product. Onyekwere Akpala
WP Robot is amazing! It is the most powerful software for wordpress I have ever seen. I can get a lot of great content to my site easily and quickily.

I am most happy with the amazon modules, articles modules, and youtube module of this program. Indeed, I depend heavily with them to construct my site in different niche like selling stuff, reveiw on products and services.
The support provided by WP robot development team is also fast and useful and so far I am satisfy with their support. Smith Fu
I love WP Robot! The plug-in is very easy to use and I can create WP Blogs about current topics with tremendous ease. Since the software automatically handles all the posting I can focus on linking and growing traffic and revenue. Chalit Fernando
WP Robot is a fantastic way to get relevant, keyword related posts added to your site. It's almost like outsourcing or auto-blogging only better. Set up your campaigns to suite your needs - use keywords, categories, posting intervals, link cloaking, etc... Big Time Saver. Very Cool Plug-in. Marc D
I have been using WP Robot - full version. Money well spent. I have started getting traffic in just days.
The RSS module allows you to add any RSS. Considering the millions of RSS feeds out there will probably never run out of high quality content this way.It is very important for me. I am happy! Leonora Ballinger
I had over 500 keyword domains just sitting around and had no clue what to do with them all. Instead of dumping them all and starting a new project, I threw up WP-Robot and just love it! Thanks to WP Robot, I have another recurring revenue stream with little work. Thanks! Bryan Shearer
Since I first purchased WP Robot it has definitely evolved into a fully mature piece of software. The ease of use has definitely improved, the added modules more a lot better with fewer problems.
Overal, I'm definitely satisfied with the fact that WP Robot remains a tool of choice for professional auto-bloggers, as it offers a complete set of features and a certain learning curve (especially for templating) that keeps the absolute noobs away from destroying the value of this software.
If used properly, WP Robot will greatly enhance and simplify your auto-blogging experience. Konstantin Tsiryulnikov
I find WP Robot Amazing Just Set It Up And Watch Your Sites Working 24/7 On Complete Autopilot.

Life would be a whole lot harder without this tool It's A Great Job 🙂 If you aren't using this and you have more than one website to update then you are very busy or like to pay a lot of outsourcers. When this tool can do the job for Free !!!! Do yourself a favour free up your time and expand your website portfolio.. Sotiris Bassakaropoulos
I've discovered WP Robot as a really flexible plugin and completely great for automating my websites. I highly recommend to pick the full version in case you consider that you don't need the whole set of modules to start with. You will need additional modules later on, and you'll miss out on having all modules.Fantastic software package, as well as support has been first class. Perseus
I bought WP Robot about a month ago and added it to all my blogs. It is absolutely fantastic. I have never seen another software that can do what WP Robot does and price is a Bargain. Truely a wonderful product. A must have for all your blogs. Sam Lyons
Just wanted to say I was a little skeptical at first to invest in WP Robot. When I did, I was really amazed at how well this program brings my blogs to life. But the WOW factor for me was the great support and interaction I have with the writers of the program. Support for me is a big deal and the support I get for making WP Robot do great things for my site is definitely a big plus. What are you waiting for...grab it! Cliff Hunter
Hey great piece of software, I love it. Please keep up the good work and do not be discouraged with the negative people. Your hard work is very much appreciated and I wish I could do what you do. Have a Happy holidays and a great new year. Steven Andrews
I have been using WP Robot for several months and have found it to be very helpful in posting articles and videos and helping me get backlinks. I would receommend this to anyone looking to put blogging on suto-pilot David Carleton
WP Robot is my favoriate wordpress plugin, and I have to say it saved me a lot of time and effect to achieve what I get today. I only have three auto websites now, but only from these three websites, I already got back my cost on WP Robot. It should be a powerful weapon that every affiliate marker should have! Good job! Grissom Huang
WP Robot is brilliant it continues to evolve and improve and is worth every penny. The latest affiliate additions are a great bonus. Thank you for making such a wonderful tool. christine holloway
I've been using WP Robot for about one month now and initially used it only on one or two sites to get a feel for it. I used it with another Amazon plugin to get a rounded site capable of producing anything.

After about a week of using the Robot, I actually turned off the other plugin because Robot handled Amazon and in fact provided more options!

The site now only uses WP Robot along with other plugins, it adds new content daily and I have noticed a significant growth in visits, how long people stay on the site, RSS readership and subscribers to my e-mail list.

I do add my own content to the site, but it's really not necessary as WP Robot can do it all.

I recently added some other affiliate product feeds to diversify the income.

WP Robot paid for itself within one week, the site paid for itself within two weeks for the forseable future. I am at a point where I could sell the site and pocket a nice 4-figure sale or let it run on autopilot, and let it generate several hundred dollars per month (eventually getting into the thousands with more hands-on) without doing anything.

The site continues to grow fully automated pulling (and attributing data). All I do is check my stats, income and tweak it as needed to rank for more keywords.

WP Robot - thanks for the effortless plugin! I can manage virtually everything from my iPad wherever I am. Mohammed Bhimji
Hello Guys,
we are the email marketing service provider. We were in need of marketing articles for our blogs. But the articles from the sellers very expensive and need more time to use with our blog. but WP Robot satisfied our all requirements with their awesome WP plug-in tool. Really wonderful and excellent. don't miss it, if you need content rich blog and niche sites. Really worth tool for your money. Wesley
When I first got the WP Robot 6 months ago, I was very skeptical about a "robot" doing the posting for me! I had researched autoblogging and how if done right it could very profitable. I had 5 blogs back than. As the Robot has progressed and the talented staff has listened to it's customers and made improvments, the robot has actually become part of my staff! Unlike any other tool out there, the amount of customization you can achieve, (especially with this latest version!)turns it into a hard working, unpaid intern that delivers precisely what you want! The ROI has been 5 fold and I only just got the elite version a month ago! I now have 100's of blogs going and none of it would have been possible without the WP Robot! I will cry alot if it ever goes down! Brian Fairo
We were looking for an easy way to provide relevant and interesting content for our blog. Since we are a smaller firm, we do not have the time and resources needed to create this content on a regular basis.

In addition to WP Robot 3's outstanding ability to provide this content, we are very impressed with the support and commitment the author puts into this software. The WP Robot website and videos gave us the confidence we needed to purchase the full premium plug-in.

We are very happy so far and appreciate the quality of this product. So much so that we will probably sign up for the reseller/affiliate program.

Carl Gren
COO - Technology2Reality, LLC Carl Gren
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